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You are guaranteed to be photographed by professional photographer Alise Black when you book your private or commercial session.

Formally trained and with experience spanning more than 20 years, Alise has worked with a wide range of clients, photographing over 13,000 people. Alise will guide you through a variety of styles and body positions for each image and photo shoot. She has personally created all the imagery on our website, so if you like the style and feel of the imagery showcased in our galleries, then we are confident you will be really happy with the final result of your images.

Meticulous attention to detail coupled with years of expert technical knowledge, makes being professionally photographed by Alise a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You will be shown body language techniques and coached throughout the shoot to ensure you look personable and comfortable in your images.

Depending on the style of photography you book in for, Alise will design the shots to achieve a wide variety of images from natural, fashion portfolios, editorial quality for branding that is styled, relaxed and polished, character images for actors and performers, beautiful tasteful creative art pieces and our commercial photography range.

As part of the experience with our studio, Alise will download, edit and curate your best selection of shots whilst you are here at the studio. This is very rare. Most photographers will send clients away and ask them to come back to view weeks later or show hundreds of unedited images. Alise is so highly experienced, she will provide natural editing and retouching to a curated collection, in between your photo shoots.


Years of experience allows Alise to refine your shoots to a diverse Collection. Providing you a polished and professional image every time. During your viewing on the same day as your shoot, you get to see and order the images that most appeal to you. You may also order further retouching should you choose.

Your comfort and satisfaction is paramount throughout the whole experience with our studio. 

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