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What type of styles can I do?

​Natural, casual, fashion, formal, vintage, alternative, artistic, corporate, sporty, semi-nudes, fantasy, boudoir and romantic…Browse our website and let us know your favourite images. You may be as conservative or creative and outrageous as you like with your session. We are more than happy to explore your ideas or create something unique for you. Our team works in this creative field everyday, so we will be more than happy to guide you. You'll be shown exactly what to do in front on the camera to achieve your chosen style. Please don't be nervous! Being formally trained and very experienced, Alise will guide you through the shoot so it’s a relaxing and fun experience for you.

For example, your stylist may suggest a natural casual jeans and t-shirt style for a natural light shoot or in the professional Studio a more formal or fashion style with a dress or suit. If you are after something more relaxed pyjama’s on our couch in our lifestyle area is a popular choice. 


What type of clothing should I bring?

Please refer to your SMS confirmation for the number of styles and photo shoots. Layering of jackets, hats and scarves works really well to change up the look and add variety.

If you are unsure of what to wear in your photographic shoots, simply bring a maximum of six outfits for your Stylist to view and assist you. The simplest items that you feel comfortable in tend to work the best. Taking the time to press or steam your garments prior to your session is essential.

Clothing examples: Your most comfortable jeans, black pants, skirts, tops with plain or dramatic necklines, swimwear, lingerie, evening dresses, suits and jackets. Sentimental items and accessories work really well to alter an outfit like hats, belts, earrings, pendants, chokers, bracelets and stiletto heels are great! Please avoid small pin stripes as this will flair on the lens.

Your pre booking stylisation consultation over the phone will assist you in creating your looks. Your stylist will assist you in selecting colours that will work with your skin tone and eye colour.

Do I need to bring props?

No, it isn't necessary. However, some clients like to bring personal items such as flowers, towels, umbrellas, blankets and materials. Our studio has over 30 different coloured backdrops and large props available.

If you are intending to bring any large item or prop such as musical instruments, please advise prior so we can be prepared.

What do I do on the day before my session?

Hair: Please have clean, dry hair with no hair care products in. Depending on your hair type it may be best to wash your hair the night before or morning of your shoot. Any wigs or hair extensions need to be styled, clean and ready to wear.

Blow waves: Should you normally prefer your hair to have a professional blow wave and volume, please arrange this prior to your session with a hairdresser. A professional blow wave can take approximately one hour including a full wash and dry. Our hair stylists do not provide any hair washing or cutting services.

Nails and hair removal: Taking the time to pay attention to manicured nails and any necessary hair removal is well worthwhile. Neutral nail colours tend to work best to match in with your outfits.

Gentleman: Please bring along your shaving kit and towel if you wish to alter your look and shave mid way through the session.

When you arrive please have no makeup on. Simply moisturise your skin in the morning prior to your shoot.


Should I apply a spray tan or tanning lotion?

Our digital retouching process can warm the skin, remove tan lines or correct skin un-evenness should this be desired.


We recommend that you do not have a home spray tan or apply tanning products within 7 days of your photoshoot. This can cause streaking on the skin. At home or poor quality tanning lotions can cause an 'aged' look around the feet, hands, underarms and a very strong yellow skin tone under professional photographic lights.


If you are having a spray tan as this is something you regularly do, please ensure that it is of the highest quality provided by a professional beauty therapist. They should be informed that you require a 'grey' or 'purple' base and that this is for a photography shoot using photographic lighting. Your professional spray tan must be very detailed and even or charges for digital retouching corrections may apply.

Can I bring my partner, friends or family along to the studio when they are not included in my session?

For your privacy and the privacy of others, we only allow confirmed clients in each photoshoot to be in our Studio, unless you are under 18 years of age and require a guardian or have a disability and require a carer. We want to ensure our studio stays as safe as possible during the covid19 pandemic by limited numbers, also to ensure the upmost privacy, security and enjoyment of all clients.


Read more here for our booking terms and conditions


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