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At Alise Black Photographic Studios we create fitness photoshoots for models, athletes, bodybuilders, personal trainers & clients who achieve personal fitness transformations.

Fitness Photography Alise Black

Private Studios in Sydney & Melbourne

We create fitness photography for a range of clients from fitness professionals, bodybuilders, power lifters, personal trainers, elite and new athletes, sports competitors, Olympians, fitness models and people who have undergone body transformations. We provide studio photoshoots in our contemporary award winning warehouse studios in Sydney & Melbourne, and also location photography.

Alise Black will be your professional fitness photographer

Alise will utilise her 20 years professional experience to guide you through your photoshoots, especially if this is your first time being photographed. For bodybuilders, we will collaborate with you to showcase your best bodybuilding poses. Working with a highly experienced fitness photographer, is essential to capture any images that involve movement or holding challenging poses. Technical skill in lighting and a high level of attention to detail is required to help you bring out your muscle definition and physic. Being able to see and 'paint' with light, Alise will enhance and capture all your hard work - and make the experience fun and enjoyable. 

"Thank you to Alise Black Photographic Studios for the amazing photos!"


Kelly Cartwright - OAM | Paralympic & World Champion  Facebook – 5 Star Review

Fitness Book Cover Photography Carol Cook by Alise Black

You will work with Treia, our experienced Stylist

Treia is the Co-Director of the studio, has a Health Science degree and will be your stylist for your fitness photography Session. Treia understands how your body and muscles are best positioned for optimum definition during your photoshoots. Her attention to detail on ensuring the right muscles are enhanced during your photoshoots, is second to none in the industry. Alise and Treia have more than 30 years industry experience and will create your fitness photoshoots with precision.

We would love to capture your hard work in a fitness photoshoot

Capturing your hard work with lifelong memories of your personal fitness achievement and or business branding would be our absolute pleasure. We specialise in quality fitness photography for editorials, book covers, websites, modelling & fitness agencies, social media platforms, public speaking, business branding and personal fitness portfolios. Explore our fitness gallery and Contact us for a consult on how we can assist you with your fitness photoshoot experience.

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Location Fitness Photoshoot

Take a look at a sample of a recent fitness photoshoot. We capture a catalogue of diverse fitness photos in the one session.

Photographed on location at Bronte Beach Sydney.

Professional photographer Alise, Stylist Treia & Tracy.

"I had such an amazing time working with Alise and her team, they made me feel incredibly comfortable, so easy to talk to, gave amazing tips pointers and we're so helpful in giving me direction to help produce the best photos possible. Would love to work with Alise and her team again. 10 out of 10 Thanks again guys for all your hard work."


Chase Aldrich – Google 5 Star Review March 2023

"A huge thank you to Alise Black Photographic Services for their support of START FOUNDATION for the past 5 years


... by providing professional photographic services and advice from corporate headshots, sporting events ... Photos are always of the highest standard and we are always delighted with the results. Beyond that, it's the exceptional customer service and 5 star experience ... head and shoulders above the rest."

Kerryn Harvey - World Champion | Founding Director of START | 2 x IRONMAN     
Google – 5 Star Review

"Such an amazing experience! Alise and Treia were phenomenal - so welcoming and professional. From the moment I walked in they made me feel super comfortable, relaxed and pampered. Treia's incredible and thoughtful styling coupled with Alise's expert guidance and talent helped to create a really special and unique experience. I'm so happy with the results."

Mel Bebb
Google – 5 Star Review March 2022