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In our comfortable and inviting professional makeup room, sit back and relax whilst you enjoy having your hair and makeup created by a highly experienced professional hair and makeup artist. Our Sessions are very private and you will work one on one with your makeup artist to achieve the right look for your photography. We carefully style the makeup to achieve a polished and fresh look. 

As part of your phone styling consultation, you will be consulted on your comfort level with hair and makeup. Questions are asked about your daily hair and makeup routines and a colour consult will be offered, to assist you with matching clothing to your 'looks' and preparing our team.

At Alise Black Photographic Studios our professional hair and makeup artists will create styles for each photo shoot and work in conjunction with you, to ensure you are completely comfortable. Our client's leave with renewed confidence and styling tips.


At times, Alise Black will step in as a senior HMUA and create your full look; professional hair, makeup, photography and digital retouching, creating the full canvas to the finished photographic product. Alise has worked with thousands of clients from all ages, skin tones, with a variety of skin conditions. These very special sessions with Alise are pending her schedule, however Alise always carefully directs the makeup styling to ensure a polished result and the comfort of each client.

Kryolan eyeshadow


At our studio we primarily use KRYOLAN Professional Make-up products, which are the highest of quality and are specifically designed for HD (high definition) professional photography, film and television.

To prepare the skin, we use beautiful HD micro primers to soften the skin, reduce pores and fine lines, for both men and women. As our cameras are so sharp, this gives an editorial, polished finish to the images. 

We use Micronized Foundations with exceptional light reflexion qualities, created for highly-professional make-up, ideally suitable for high-resolution camera techniques. Skin compatibility ranges from the very fairest to darkest skin tone and is dermatologically approved. We can blend our foundations to match any skin tone. Most people don't realise that they may require 3 different foundation tones or thicknesses to achieve a balanced complexion. What works for one age group, also may not for another, so an experienced HMUA is very important to the final product. 

A key factor to quality photography, is the editorial makeup base that colour matches to our client's skin perfectly. We provide the right thickness of foundation to give a flawless on camera look. Flawless imagery quite frankly, takes years to master. It is all about the balance of light, makeup, retouching and colour balance of skin tone.

Love a natural minimal look? Please don't be concerned if you like a very natural makeup, or don't wear any at all generally. We simply use the products to prep the skin for the sharpness of our professional cameras. It can look like your not wearing anything - just simply - we reduce any redness or discolouration of the skin. You will love the high quality products we use and the simplicity that can be created with professional makeup artistry. 

Digital retouching is generally applied to ensure your images are of the highest quality. For example, blemish and body mark removal which keeps the images looking fresh and natural.




​​The products we use are of the highest quality, suitable for all ages, skin tones and sensitivities. The makeup feels beautiful on the skin and photographs perfectly with our professional lighting.


"From our phone consultation to the photo shoot, Alise and her team were very professional, organized and made me feel really comfortable. They listen to their clients and deliver not just amazing photos, but an experience with the hair and make up session. And the turn around time for the photos was incredibly fast. I highly recommend them."  

Dr Monika Fazekas-Lavu  Google – 5 Star Review 

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