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bondi beach photographed by Alise Black Photographic Studios



The early days

"I developed a passion for the art of photography when I was four years old where I would create barbie doll fashion shoots in my back yard. I received my first camera at the age of eleven and my love of photography inspired me to begin studying the art form at the age of sixteen. The following year I began working as a photographer photographing children. My most valuable lesson, photograph with precision. 

When I first began my study there were 96,000 registered photographers in Australia. It was then my personal aim to gain formal training to become a 'professional photographer' - a title never taken lightly and held with great pride. I started out attending short courses run by professional photographers and government organisations which resulted in the creation of my first photographic business at the age of nineteen.


Digital cameras were not around when I first began - I learnt my craft shooting on film. Editing was done in a dark room and images were 'retouched' with a brush and ink... On reflection this makes me feel very old :) however digital technology moves quickly and whilst it has changed the face of photography, the art form remains the same.

A focus on learning & education

Over my 20+ years of industry experience, I have always utilised the latest technology, however I still photograph as if I were using film. Watching the light, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and capturing various shots with minimal wasted exposures.

On completion of several short courses I travelled internationally and then returned home to pursue professional photography study at SIT. Whilst studying, I initially had a professional corporate career in customer service management. I then managed a number of large fundraising programs for non government organisations, such as Medecins Sans Frontiers and Amenesty International. To this day I am still heavily involved in charity fundraising for causes that are close to my heart and as recently as 2013, I started a foundation with 11 other like minded people, START foundation, which empowers amputees in life through sport, by providing grants to purchase sports prosthesis or adaptive equipment, to help them achieve their sporting dreams.


In 2000 I moved to Melbourne and engaged in further professional photography study, at RMIT. I freelanced in private portraiture, weddings, editorial and for a Melbourne based studio for a short time until I took the leap to set up my own studio in 2003. Exciting & petrifying!

Studio! Studios!

From humble beginnings in 2003 my team expanded and since 2016 we have been in two major cities; one studio in Richmond in Melbourne and the other Newtown in Sydney. Our Studios, offer multiple floors of Lifestyle and studio spaces. They are for our exclusive use only and offer a stunning oasis in the heart of both major cities.


I am extremely proud to work with the talented individuals that make up this creative team, some I have had the pleasure of working with for over ten years. During my career, I have maintained an outlook that affordability with professional photography doesn't have to compromise on quality. Consistently offering images and packages that are highly competitive and affordable, whilst always striving to provide clients with an exceptional experience and comfortable photography shoot. I absolutely love my profession. The ability to show people that they or their product can be photographed beautifully, with respect and style, is extremely rewarding - I wouldn't swap it for the world! 

My passion

I know I will take photographs in one form or another for the rest of my life. I love travel. To explore the beauty of this world. To me, photography is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give someone - An image that lasts beyond a lifetime and for some, their most treasured possession.


I hope to meet you at the studio soon."

Alise Black

CEO @ Black Studios Pty Ltd | Alise Black Photographic Studios

Professional Photographer | H.M.U.A | Designer

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