At our studios in Sydney & Melbourne, we create professional portfolios for first step and experienced models aged 12-55+.

Alise Black will always be booked as your professional photographer. We will create a collection of natural and fashion industry images, that help you stand out from the crowd. We take the hard work out of knowing what an agency looks for, by providing you with our expertise and the professional quality you need.

Your modelling portfolio is your visual CV. We will guide you every step of the way with professional styling, hair & makeup and diverse photoshoots that will create a portfolio that tells a story and portrays a variety of emotions.

By choosing our studio you can be assured you'll receive the right look to start out in the industry or freshen up your existing portfolio. 

Model Portfolios by Alise Black
Model Portfolio by Alise Black
Model Photography by Alise Black
Model Portfolio by Alise Black
Model Portfolio by Alise Black


Model Photography by Alise Black
Model Photography by Alise Black4077_M_0
Model Photography by Alise Black
Model Photography by Alise Black
Model Photography by Alise Black


Alise Black is a formally trained professional photographer who has worked with many leading brands and knows what the agencies want. You will be coached on how to personalise each of your shoots to complement you and create a diverse portfolio.

Our studios offer a completely private experience for our clientsProfessional studio, lights, camera and digital retouching is included in your Session. We offer multi story studios with natural light, lifestyle areas and professional studio environments. 

You will work with Treia, our highly experienced Stylist. Once you book, you will be provided with a styling guide, colour and clothing consultation. We will assist you in narrowing your wardrobe to your best fitting clothing and what will photograph well.

We create 3 to 4 different photoshoots including changes to your clothing, photo style and locations. Your portfolio should be an expression of you, tailored to the range the agencies want to see.

Our hair and makeup artists are experts in their field. In combination with our extensive portfolio experience, we understand how important it is to bring the photographic lighting, styling and makeup together. 

Alise will curate your shots to your best Collection of images that are all agency ready - no need to sort through hundreds of images. You will be carefully guided and this is why people love working with Alise!

We offer models guidance on how to approach agencies, what you need to do to prepare for an interview and how to get started in the industry. 



Private 3-4 hour hire of our unique warehouse studios in Melbourne or Sydney. Funky, contemporary lifestyle areas, with a day spa feel. Professional studio & natural light shoots are combined into your model portfolio.

Styling expertise, colour consult & lots of shoot preparation to help you create looks the agencies want to see. Create up to 6 outfit adjustments from 3 - 4 different photo shoots.

Experience high definition photographic makeup, altered 3 times, with hair styling to diversify your modelling portfolio. Quality makeup application is essential to a polished, professional image.


Work with Alise Black, your professional photographer with 20+ yrs experience. You will be given expert direction in front of the camera on expressions and poses. We make it fun and easy for you!

Keyboard and Mouse

Editorial retouching is applied to the final Collection of shots before you see them! Natural skin softening and removal of body marks is complimentary. We offer a retouching menu for personalised requests.

Alise will use her expertise to refine your images to your best selection of shots. The edited Collection is presented for you to view on the same day. You have complete freedom and control to order to your comfort. 


What do model agencies do?
A modelling agency represents models to prospective clients. Put simply, they help models find work. Agencies earn commission when they book you.

How many images are in a model portfolio?
A portfolio is the most important investment in a model's future. Between 6-24 shots is appropriate for a modelling portfolio. 6-10 if you have a smaller budget and are starting out.


How much do models make?

You can earn anywhere from $100 per hour to $1500 per day for catalogue work and for advertising agencies $250 per hour or $10,000 per day for top end jobs.

Should I pay an agency lots of money to sign up?
No. Agencies make a commission from you after you start working. Some may charge a small fee of $50-$200 to be on their agency database. This means potential clients can view your portfolio and book you!

Does height, size or age matter?
There is definitely a movement in the modelling industry to feature diversity. Petite models can often be shorter but equally in demand as taller models. So, height isn't the deciding factor. We recommend a wide range of agencies including plus size and mature age.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Alise Black Photographic Studios on Friday and can't recommend enough the level of professionalism, passion and service provided! Alise and Treia have successfully created a safe, friendly and welcoming environment. I arrived at the studio nervous but quickly found myself confident and having fun...Thank you so much for such a wonderful day and fantastically diverse portfolio to walk away with!!!"  

Angelina Mirabito  Facebook – 5 Star Review 

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