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Professional photography is a subjective art form and what may appeal to one, may not to another. Our combined 40 years industry experience offers you the following advice for your consideration.

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Ensure that the individual is a professional photographer not amateur. This is your money you are parting with therefore they should have formal training through accredited courses such as RMIT and are a member of a professional photographic organisation. Photography is an unregulated industry therefore anyone can call themself a ‘photographer’. A 'professional photographer' has formal training therefore worthy of your hard earned money.

Alise Black is formally trained with SIT and RMIT. Alise is a member of ACMP Australian Commercial Media Photographers.

Alise Black headshot

Check the images shown in the photographers portfolio of work, are that of the photographer you are booking in with. Some studios provide a good portfolio, then you receive an amateur on the day of your shoot.

At Alise Black Photographic Studios, Alise photographs all images in our portfolio personally. You are guaranteed to receive more than 20 years experience, formal training and dedicated service when booking with us. 

Alise Black is an expert in her field and highly trained in private and commercial photography.


Are the staff and support team professional, helpful and courteous when you book in? Do they freely give you information about the experience, your options and pricing? Do you feel they are polite, friendly and curtious? Your experience, starts with your first contact. 

At Alise Black, our staff have a combined 40 years experience. Our dedicated studio manager Treia, will speak with you prior to each session to ensure your comfort and that you receive consistency of service. 

Vintage Cash Register

Ensure you have a clear understanding of the pricing structure and options available before booking your photographic session.

At Alise Black Photographic Studios we offer a clear package break down including an individual price guide and product options.

Model through lense

Ensure you understand the copyright agreement and check you have the option of a private model release. Your privacy is important and you should be given the opportunity to protect your privacy, should you not want to have your images used as advertising or sold onto a third party.

At Alise Black, our studio retains the copyright of the images and when purchasing digital files you are granted permission to use the images for your own personal promotion. All clients receive the option of a model release should you be comfortable having your images added to our portfolio. At no time are we able to on sell your images to a third party without your consent. Your privacy is protected with our studio.

Magnifying Glass

Be wary of gimmicks such as free photo shoots with free photos. A photographic studio is a business like any other, therefore they can not work for free and have to cover their business expenses and cost of running a professional studio. Gimmicks often result in disgruntled clients when hidden pricing is revealed after the photo shoot.

Since the beginning of Alise Black Photographic Studios in 2003 we have always disclosed our helpful price guide and spend expectations. We DO NOT have gimmicks, high pressure selling or hide our pricing. We value our client's comfort during their experience at all times. It is our highest priority.

Fine Art photography

Most importantly, ensure you like the work of the professional photographer. Make sure the images are clear, in focus, with good tonal range, colour, flattering posing and the subjects look comfortable.

Professional photography is subjective. If you like what you see on our website, then we are confident you will love the final results!

we hope these professional photography tips have been helpful


we would love to create your professional photographic collection

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