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At our studios in Sydney & Melbourne, we have a private, relaxed and safe studio environment where we create beautifully styled lingerie photos. Our boudoir shoots are for ladies of all adult ages and sizes, wanting empowering images that are classic and dateless.

Alise Black will always be booked as your professional photographer, so you are guaranteed to work with a formally trained professional female photographer. Alise has photographed everything on our website, so you too, will receive the highest quality imagery that you see in our boudoir photo gallery.

Utilise our team of talented female artists to create stunning lingerie photos or mix and match a classic semi nude style. You will be directed every step of the way utilising body language techniques, so that every boudoir photo has beautiful detail and emotion. We do everything for you so that you can simply relax during your boudoir photography session.

You can trust that our years of experience in boudoir photography will help you create elegant boudoir photos that you will love for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on making sure all of our clients love their lingerie photos and leave our studio feeling confident.

The images on display in our Boudoir Gallery and on our website have had each client grant permission for their public viewing. Privacy is important to us and you have the option to keep the images private or allow us to share them - it's completely your choice at our studio.

Lingerie Photography by Alise Black
Lingerie Photography by Alise Black
Lingerie Photography by Alise Black
Lingerie Photography by Alise Black
Lingerie Photography by Alise Black


Boudoir Photography Alise Black
Boudoir Photography Alise Black
Boudoir Photography Alise Black
Boudoir Photography Alise Black
Boudoir Photography Alise Black
Boudoir Photography Alise Black



The definition of boudoir is a beautifully decorated room for sleeping, dressing, relaxing and entertaining. A boudoir shoot involves female photography in beautiful lingerie.

Boudoir Photography plays on the suggestion of impending nudity and is a very detailed photographic style. In order for the experience to be comfortable, you need expert guidance in front of the camera and Alise's technical skill and training. Even our most shy clients love the experience with us because our studios are private and we personalise your boudoir shoot to your comfort.  

You will work with Treia, our highly experienced Stylist. Once you book, you will be provided with a styling guide, colour and clothing consultation. We will assist you in selecting your lingerie and accessories and advise you on what will photograph best.

We create 3 different photoshoots including changes to your clothing, photographic style and studio setting. Some clients choose to create a styled look, followed by lingerie and then semi nude photography. Others want all 3 shoots in lingerie. It's up to you.

Professional hair and makeup artistry is essential to create a polished look to the images. We understand how important it is to bring the photographic lighting, styling and makeup together. 

Alise will curate your Session to your best Collection of images. Once the boudoir shots are selected, a first round of natural retouching is applied. Then on the same day, you simply order the products you want once you see the results.

We love creating boudoir photography. Our clients choose to do a boudoir shoot for many reasons; a gift for a loved one, to capture a special birthday or our favourite - just for themselves. 



Private 4 hour hire of our unique warehouse studios in Melbourne or Sydney. Funky, contemporary lifestyle areas and professional studio settings with a beautiful day spa feel. Enjoy a private, personalised and pampering experience.

Styling expertise, colour consult & lots of shoot preparation to help you create beautiful images that last a lifetime. Create 3 different photo shoots in your personalised session. You can mix styles from classic glamour to artistic semi nude.

Experience high definition photographic makeup, altered 3 times, with hair styling to diversify your photo shoot. This can be really natural, a gorgeous smokey eye or pop of lip colour. Quality makeup application is essential to boudoir shoots.


Work with Alise Black, your professional photographer with 20+ yrs experience. You will be given expert direction in front of the camera on expressions and poses. We make it fun and easy for you!

Keyboard and Mouse

Editorial retouching is applied to the final Collection of shots before you see them! Natural skin softening and removal of body marks is complimentary. We offer a retouching menu for personalised requests.

Alise will use her expertise to refine your images to your best selection of shots. The edited Collection is presented for you to view on the same day. You have complete freedom and control to order to your comfort. 


"Alise and her team are exceptional. I was welcomed and made to feel relaxed immediately. Walking in feeling nervous I left the studio feeling confident and sexy. Incredibly happy doesn't do justice with how I feel about my shots. Beautiful, timeless, creative and stunning. Alise's attention to detail is impeccable. Thank you so very much for your commitment to my shoot....xoxoxo Kate"

Katey James - Facebook 5 Star Review

Boudoir Photography by Alise
Message from Alise

about boudoir shoots

Over more than 20 years I have photographed thousands of people of all ages, sizes and from different walks of life. Lots of clients are very nervous when they begin their boudoir photography journey. The reasons why women choose to book a boudoir shoot vary; some women have undergone body transformations, others health challenges, some just want to do something lovely for themselves or create a special gift.

My team and I, pride ourselves on creating a really comfortable, private environment. When you call to enquire or book a time, we throughly run you through all the details of our sessions.

We will not recommend poses that you won't feel comfortable doing. It is very important to me that not only do you enjoy the experience, you feel empowered as we create your images. I will direct your poses and help you with how to sculpt your body into beautiful forms that complement your shape, height and best features.


We very much respect that a lot of clients like to keep their images private, so our gallery, whilst a small sample of our work, doesn't reflect the diversity of people that I have photographed. I have worked with women who are pre and post mastectomy, women sized 6 - 22, aged 18 - 60+ and ladies who have concerns about areas of their body that they feel uncomfortable about. One client received our newsletter for over 10 years before she gained the courage to book in. When she was leaving after seeing her images, she said to me "I finally see what my husband sees in me." She left feeling confident and beautiful.


Lighting techniques, technical camera skills, beautiful styling, tasteful poses, all form part of a wonderful photographic shoot experience. Boudoir Photography is for all sizes and your comfort is my highest priority.

We look forward to creating beautiful images that you love for a lifetime. We are here to answer any questions you may have.
Professional Photographer | HMUA | Designer.

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Boudoir Photography Alise Black