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At both our locations in Sydney and Melbourne Alise Black Photographic Studios will help make your food dreams a reality. If you're an experienced chef or just starting out, we're here to help.

Our Award Winning studios are perfect locations for food photography shoots large or small. We offer modern, warehouse spaces with fully functioning kitchens in both Studios. The kitchens include; fridge/ freezer, gas stovetop, Miele appliances, microwave, hygienic stainless steel workbenches for food preparation and an eight seater dining table.

Alise and the team have experience working with restaurants, hoteliers, wineries, independent chefs and food artisans to create mouth watering imagery. Quality food photography will help enhance your branding, websites, menus, social media, e-commerce store and more. 

Food Photography by Alise Black
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After all, we eat with our eyes.

We offer styling assistance to help you develop your colour palette and creative food direction. We have a collection of props such as platters, glasses, and cutlery however, your styling consult will help you develop your own unique branding.

For some businesses we have created a full photographic promotional package on location; food photography on site, portrait branding of team members, architectural images of inside and outside of the building and social images of patrons enjoying themselves.

There is no limit to our creativity and our experienced team is here to help you!

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Alise Black is a formally trained professional photographer who has worked with a wide range of brands for over 20 years. You will be coached on how to personalise each of your shots to complement your food photography and create a diverse collection.

Our studios offer a completely private experience for our clientsProfessional studio, lights, camera and digital retouching is included. We offer multi story studios with natural light, lifestyle areas and professional studio environments. 

You will work with Treia, our highly experienced Stylist. Once you book, you will be provided with a styling consult to discuss colour themes and props. We will assist you in creating your food photography 'run sheet' so you are prepared and organised. This will save you time, therefore money on the day of your shoot.

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Food photography is generally a full or half day shoot. The time is dependant on the variety of shots you need, the type of food preparation required and styling detail.

We understand how important it is to bring the photographic lighting, styling and your product together in the highest quality imagery. We offer both medium format and DSLR cameras.

Alise will curate your shots to your best Collection of images that are all editorial ready - no need to sort through hundreds of images. You will be carefully guided and this is why people love working with Alise!

We offer you guidance on how to manage your high resolution images. We can create your social media images with keyword tags embedded so you are ready to go!


Private hire of our unique warehouse studios in Melbourne or Sydney. Funky, contemporary lifestyle areas, professional studio settings and modern full kitchen designs. We are also available to come to your restaurant or business. 


Both studios offer modern full kitchen set ups with Miele appliances, fridge/freezer, gas cooktops, stainless steel benches for food prep, microwaves, table settings and much more.


Styling expertise, colour consult & lots of shoot preparation to help you create delicious images. We offer a in-house stylist to assist you in creating your colour palette, props and concepts. We love working with Chefs and we make sure it's an organised, fun and enjoyable day.

Work with Alise Black, your professional photographer with 20+ yrs experience. You will be given expert assistance to create your food photography. Alise uses her mirrorless Canon or medium format Phase One cameras when creating the images. Sometimes - we set up to shoot with both cameras simultaneously, capturing birdseye and 45 degree angles in one go.

Keyboard and Mouse

You get to see the images upload as Alise shoots. Digital retouching is applied to the final Collection of Hero Shots. We offer a retouching menu for personalised requests. We always make sure your food looks delicious, saturated with colour and detailed.

A online portal is available for you to take your time to select your Hero Shots. Depending on your retouching requirements, delivery of final images is 7-14 days.

We create editorial quality images ready for print press, website, social media optimised images, posters and even billboard.

Tell us more

Please complete as much detailed information as possible to enable us to provide you with an estimate and quote.

Need help? Simply call our studio mobile 0403177814

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