Alise Black Photographic Studios in Melbourne and Sydney are registered COVID Safe businesses. We have a detailed COVID-19 Safety Plan registered with both New South Wales and Victorian Governments. Outlined below is a brief summary for your information and comfort.

Please only attend your photography session if you are in full health. Please reschedule your appointment if you are unwell, exhibiting any flu or Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid19. We will be checking temperatures on arrival and reserve the right to reschedule clients who exhibit any symptoms on arrival or throughout a Session. Current Government's guidelines, symptoms of illness and other health alerts are listed here.

All Staff are fully vaccinated. As a courtesy to our clients and loved ones, our team regularly have Rapid/PCR Tests and will only attend work when in full health.

We respect decisions on vaccinations are a personal choice. We kindly ask you to respect that proof of COVID-19 vaccination or medical exemption is requested for entry into our Studios, at this stage. As we are a Personal Service and operate in a direct contact environment, where social distancing is not possible, our business has obligations to mitigate risk to keep staff, loved ones and all clients as safe as reasonably possible. Outside/location photography shoots, where 1.5m social distancing can be observed, are available for people who are unvaccinated or do not want to provide vaccination status. Further information is available at NSW Government "Venues may set their own COVID safe conditions of entry" and VIC Government Personal Care Services

Mask Wearing for Clients: Government health guidelines recommend people to wear masks indoors when you can not socially distance. In settings such as ours, they are recommended at any time you feel it is appropriate for your comfort. Masks are removed when receiving your makeup service and during photography shoots. You are the only client in the studio during this time for Individual Private Sessions.

Masks/Rapid Tests for Commercial shoot days: We encourage all clients to wear masks when in close proximity to staff and models/talent. A prior 24 hour negative Rapid Test is encouraged, to offer all attendees comfort on these full photography shoot days, where 1.5m social distancing is generally not possible.

Face Masks for Staff: Face masks are no longer mandatory however may be worn by staff when we can not socially distance during clothing styling, viewing consults, hair and makeup services.

When you come to our studio you'll see cleanliness and hygiene is always a priority for us, everyday. On top of our usual process which involves cleaning all makeup brushes, hair tools and client spaces, we will be taking extra care to disinfect surfaces, our client's private bathroom and makeup room between each and every client. On top of this, our studios are regularly cleaned by commercial cleaners.

Hair and makeup styling forms part of our normal experience for Private Sessions. You can be assured that our makeup styling is of the highest hygiene standard, with a 3 stage makeup brush wash policy in place, to ensure your protection. A hot wash hygiene bath and 2 alcohol washes are done between each brush single use. This is well above standard cleaning practice. Clean Air Flow: Our multi story studios offer cross flow air ventilation with soaring 14 meter voids for fresh air circulation. To ensure the highest quality air within the studio, we have Dyson Hot & Cool Air Purifiers to remove dust and allergens, 99.95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns which have HEPA H13 filters. As recommended by the Department of Health.

Staff will not be doing any air travel between Sydney & Melbourne and minimising public outings, to reduce risk of exposure. All travel has been via company vechile since March 2020. Alise, Treia & Tracy are generally the only staff in the studio during a shoot day, with other staff working from home when possible.

Treia, co-director and stylist of Alise Black Photographic Studios is a former Paramedic and has a Health Science degree. We will be monitoring the Government's advice and changes closely.

To minimise any exposure to risk, we are restricting our photoshoots to only a few Private Sessions a day which range from 45minutes to 4 hours. It is unlikely that you will cross over another persons appointment and share the studio space. Commercial shoots and VIP days have clear attendance timing to minimise exposure. If you arrive early, please wait until your arrival time and a thorough clean through is achieved. There are great local cafes nearby.

By implementing these safety precautions during the pandemic, we feel really confident that we will continue to create amazing private experiences and stunning images for our clients. This is a safe, clean, beautiful environment where your comfort is our priority.

We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful studio soon! Step inside our Sydney & Melbourne studios. Any questions about our service, your upcoming appointment, or to make a booking, please contact us.


Blog updated for services from 23 April 2022 Alise Black Photographic Studios has been through 8 lockdowns and 10 months of forced closures in either one or both cities since the pandemic began in Australia from March 2020. We greatly appreciate your support and understanding during this time.