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Let's talk about what makes a great photo?

Unless you are an Insta influencer or have made a career in advertising you probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect photo. I spend most of my working day thinking of exactly that, the ingredients for a perfect image.

Our childhood years of being told "Big smile for the camera!" hasn't put us on the right path. Holding the camera above your head for a selfie will certainly help, but won't guarantee a great shot. You can filter until your heart is content but there is a fair chance everyone will know that's exactly what you've done. For me, there are a few essential ingredients in the perfect image...



A great photo needs to feel genuine and capture a moment. When I photograph people, there is a level of trust that needs to be built. I achieve this through spending time with my clients, teaching them some tricks of the trade and gently guiding them through each shot.


Your personality or persona should shine through, a picture says a thousand words about who you are. You can be fierce, kind, caring, happy... Body language is so important in photography. It's critical to be directed on how

to position your body, hands, face and every fine detail of what is being said in the picture.


When you feel comfortable, you will connect with the camera. Often people think that anyone can take a photo. This is true to some degree but professional photography is so much more than that. It's technical training, attention to detail, mixed with the emotional message. This freezes the moment and tells the story.


Over the twenty years I have worked in the industry, I have perfected some tricks and tips to make being professionally photographed seamless for my clients

At Alise Black Photographic Studios we know that photography is not the only essential skill required to make professional images...


You need to have a clear vision of the look you are creating and make sure your styling and wardrobe are going to match your vision. Our Stylists have worked with literally thousands of clients to make sure all the finer details are taken care of.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHIC MAKEUP Professional photographic make up is essential to an even, smooth, camera ready complexion. I find even men love the results and are surprised at how a simple application can achieve a polished look.

FACE AND BODY POSITIONING Face and body positioning is absolutely essential. You'll be amazed at how much diversity we can create just by being shown how to create your ideal body language.

DIGITAL RETOUCHING At our studio we have optional natural or advanced retouching. I always apply the initial retouch first, making sure the results are editorial rather than over the top and plastic. We carefully edit the images so you look like a polished version of yourself.


This is a very important element in photography success. You need to choose a studio and that you are completely comfortable with. If you are unsure ask more questions. Know what you are getting. Our studios are private spaces which are textural and professional. You will start to relax the moment you arrive.


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