Lets talk about modelling portfolios

A model portfolio is a collection of images created by an experienced team consisting of a professional photographer, stylist, hair and makeup artist. Professional modelling portfolios should portray your diversity and a range of styles. Your model portfolio needs to offer a range of natural, creative and fashion orientated images. We can help you create an amazing model portfolio to stand out!

At Alise Black Photographic Studios, we create professional model portfolios on a weekly basis. Our studio is inspired by the latest fashion designers and trends. Alise Black is an experienced fashion photographer, with extensive experience who will work with you to create a diverse range of photographic styles. You will be shown how to position your body and create a range of expressions, essential for a model portfolio. The sessions at our studio are relaxing, fun and you will take away a range of tips to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

You will work with an experienced stylist who will assist you in your selection of three to four different looks, depending on the photographic styles you choose. You will be provided with a colour and clothing consultation prior to your session. We help you narrow your wardrobe to your best fitting clothing items and offer suggestions on what will photograph well. Our formally trained hair and makeup artists are experts in their field. In combination with our extensive portfolio experience, we understand how important it is to bring the photographic lighting, styling and makeup together. We personalise each photographic shoot to complement your features, clothing, body shape to create the best look for you. You will be guided every step of the way as our team creates a diverse modelling portfolio. We will offer you guidance on how to approach agencies and get started in the industry. We provide professional portfolios for children, young adults and mature models. By choosing our studio you can be assured you receive the right look to start out in the industry or freshen up your existing portfolio. Contact us to begin your experience!