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Alise Black Photographic Studios Model Search

When The Face Of Winter 2013 model Simon arrived at Alise Black Photographic Studios, he was greeted by the team, eager to transform him through a professional male model portfolio shoot. The idea of having our first male 'Face Of' was an exciting prospect that was about to become a reality.

Our Face of Winter arrived perfectly rugged and wintery looking, with overgrown hair and an untamed beard. Simon told us that what motivated him to enter the competition was to start building a model portfolio. It was our pleasure then to give Simon a totally complimentary professional photography session, transitioning from natural and untouched to sleek and stylish.

Our first task for this professional photography session was clothing stylisation. Simon told us what makes him feel handsome is dressing well, and most importantly owning a good suit. We were spoilt for choice when Simon brought along an array of beautiful casual wear, and slick tailored suits.

On location at The Kings Domain Barber Shop in South Yarra, the photography team set up for a number of dynamic styles. Carefully groomed by Andrea our professional Hair and Makeup Artist and with the talented Aaron Chan, owner of The Kings Domain, the various transformations began.

I love when men are able to see that they have the possibilty to mix up their style. Simon's looks are so very diverse that he is almost unrecongnisable and becomes quite the cameleon. Some people find it difficult to see their own inner strength and beauty and when I show them through the tools of professional photography who they are - this is truely rewarding.

Simon had never modelled at a professional photographic studio before, but he left the experience feeling more confident, and found the whole experience surprisingly relaxing “It was a relief then to be able to do nothing. Who knew modeling was such an easy ride?”. Simon’s advice to anyone considering a professional photography session at Alise Black Photographic Studios is simply do it, “They know what they’re doing.” Step inside The Face Of Winter model portfolio shoot.

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