Treat your loved one to a beautiful professional photography session with Alise Black Photographic Studios. We offer an experience like no other, creating personalised images to the highest calibre. 

Your e-Gift is a 3 hour Professional Photography Session with a team of highly trained industry professionals. See "The Experience" for full details

This e-GIFT CARD entitles the barer to the following:-

* Professional photography shoot for three (for individuals and couples) and two (for family sessions) separate studio shoots with Alise Black, formally trained with more than 20 years experience to guide them.

* Professional pre stylisation consultation with a stylist to create their hair, makeup and clothing style, designed to their taste and comfort level. 

* Included is the option of a professional hair and makeup artist. Our makeup artists are consummate professionals with extensive experience in professional photography. We respect some client's prefer to do their own personal grooming therefore this service is a option.

* Hire of our professional photography studio, professional camera, lighting equipment, backdrops, props and minor digital retouching as requested.

* Same day viewing consultation with a artwork stylist. Included is the recipients selection of their favourite images/artworks from the collection created on the day. They may select from a range of products to an included $500 photographic order value.

* During the viewing consultation the recipient may choose to order additional items and match different sizes and textures to suit their personal taste. Choice of all of our products are available to them, with no obligation to purchase further.


  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: - * The e-GIFT CARD is fully transferable and valid for six months from the date of purchase. e-GIFT CARDS are not redeemable for cash and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer. * Alise Black Photographic Studios Pty Ltd owns and retains all copyright and ownership rights over negatives, digital files, prints & other physical property relating to the photographs taken in this e-GIFT CARD session. * To maintain privacy, the ‘e-GIFT CARD recipient’ is given the option of a model release to either allow the display or withhold the images from being publicly displayed. * On redemption of the e-GIFT CARD, the ‘e-GIFT CARD recipient’ becomes the ‘client’ and all transactions in relation to the e-GIFT CARD, are the sole responsibilities of the ‘client’. * The ‘purchaser’ may not purchase from the e-GIFT CARD session without written consent from the ‘client’. * When ordering on line, I the ‘purchaser’ understand and agree with the above terms and conditions.