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With studios in Melbourne and Sydney, at Alise Black Photographic Studios we infuse a fresh, creative and modern approach to glamour photography. We are dedicated to raise the bar of glamour & fine art photography in Australia and embrace the beauty of this classic photographic style. 


Glamour photography is not about just one great shot. For us, it is about a beautiful collection of images that see you transform throughout your photographic shoot. Fine art photography refers to photographs that are created in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as artist. Your artwork is more than a realistic rendering of an image; it is a reflection of a personal impression or emotion.


We have the expertise to direct you! Utilising our team’s talents in fashion photography, you will work with an experienced stylist to create a range of styles. You may mix your Session into a variety of styles; glamour, traditional portraiture, boudoir and/or semi nude photography. It's your choice.


Allow us to get creative and create a gorgeous photoshoot for you. Our formally trained hair and makeup artists use high definition photographic makeup for a flawless look. Props can add a flair and element of fun to your shoot.


Alise Black will guide you every step of the way in creating timeless glamour photography. Not only are our photoshoots a lot of fun, you will receive stunning artworks that last a lifetime!




Glamour photography is a genre of professional portrait photography, originating from the 1900's. From postcards in France, 1960's pin up girls, and old Hollywood glamour, modern glamour photography combines old world style, fine art photography and contemporary portrait photography.

Our Sydney & Melbourne studios are unique and offer clients a personalised, private photographic experience. 
Alise's technical skill and training ensure even our most shy clients love the experience of a glamour shoot or fine art style of photography. We personalise to your comfort and take the time to find out what style of images appeal to you.

You will work with Treia, our highly experienced Stylist. Once you book, you will be provided with a styling guide, colour and makeup consultation and provided assistance with selecting your garments. If you love the styles you see on our gallery, you will be thrilled with the results. 

We create 3 different photoshoots including changes to the photographic style and studio setting.

Professional hair and makeup artistry is provided and essential to create a polished look to the images

Alise Black will curate your Session to your best Collection of images. Once the shots are selected, a first round of natural retouching is applied. For fine art photography, we use our creative flair to create the images. Then on the same day, you simply order the products you want once you see the results.

We've created a wide range of glamour and artistic styles since 2003 and we would love to work with you.



Private 4 hr hire of our unique studios in Melbourne or Sydney. Professional studio & lifestyle shoots are combined into your private  photography session.

Styling expertise & lots of shoot preparation to help you create empowered, beautiful images. Up to 3 different photoshoots are created as designed by Alise Black.

Experience high definition photographic makeup, altered 3 times, with hair styling to diversify your  photography shoots. Essential to a polished, professional Collection.

Alise Black has 20+ yrs experience. Step by step direction is given during your shoots. 

Editorial retouching is applied to the final Collection of shots before you see them!

Alise will use her expertise to shoot, edit & retouch your best Collection of images for you to view & order on the same day. Simply order the products you like once you see the results.


"I was given a photographic package from my husband for Christmas and had my photo shoot last Sunday. Not only was my experience amazing but my photos are absolutely stunning. Alise was so gentle and professional and obviously a very experienced artist in her craft. She made the experience so comfortable and enjoyable. Treia was very calming and delightful and very committed to our shoot along with a very professional approach also. Overall I would absolutely invest with Alise again and encourage everyone to have an amazing experience the way I did."

Carmel Pati   Facebook – 5 Star Review

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Glamour Photography by Alise Black
Fine Art Photographer Alise Black

Professional photographer Alise Black and the creative team design unique fine art photography for individuals in Sydney and Melbourne studios.