Treat a loved one with a personalised photographic experience

At Alise Black Photographic Studios we love giving our clients full choice to design a beautiful package as a lifelong gift for a partner, friend or family member. Our personalised e-GIFT CARDS include a Private Photography Session and images.

Call us and we will tailor an experience to suit your requirements. By purchasing a e-GIFT CARD you can receive a Complimentary Session saving the $299 Session fee, savings on prints or artworks or free items from our wide range of products. Packages range from Private Photographic Sessions to a stunning VIP Private Day Hire, Photographic Box Sets and Digital Collections. 

How much you choose to invest all depends on what you would like to achieve for your loved one! Tell us more by contacting us below.


"I was given a photographic package from my husband for Christmas and had my photo shoot last Sunday. Not only was my experience amazing but my photos are absolutely stunning. 


Alise was so gentle and professional and obviously a very experienced artist in her craft. She made the experience so comfortable and enjoyable. Treia was very calming and delightful and very committed to our shoot along with a very professional approach also. 


Overall I would absolutely invest with Alise again and encourage everyone to have an amazing experience the way I did."


Carmel Pati, Facebook 5 STAR public review


Private hire: Full Day Shoot

Alise Black Photographic Studios also offers a full day shoot. This experience includes the exclusive hire of our team and commercial studio. You receive the unwavering dedication of our creatives for four hours, plus two hours of complimentary editing, set up and pack down time. You may tailor your experience with the help of our team to receive a beautiful box set of professional prints, artworks and/or digitial files.


For personal promotion and self branding, the VIP Package is perfect. We have worked with leaders in various industries and assisted them to create a catalogue of promotional photographic images. You will receive professional commercial imagery suitable for a wide range of editoral features. You also have the option to select studio shoots, location or a mixture of both.


Capture life, love and laughter in the most pampering way! To book or ask questions about any of our tailor made gifts, please contact us below.

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